Le Cercle des Nouveaux Artisans

Le Cercle des Nouveaux Artisans
April 12 to 22
75001 PARIS


Blandine Chambost
Laurence Piccinni
Blandine and Laurence have combined their experience from the worlds of art and sponsorship. They founded in May 2011, the New Circle Artisans. They animate the creative process and ensure its artistic direction.

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Le Cercle des Nouveaux Artisans

The goal of the Le Cercle des Nouveaux Artisans (The Circle of New Artists) is to encourage and  support the emergence of a new generation of creators who are revitalizing crafts through contemporary design. The Circle selects young talent both on the basis of their expertise, as well as their innovative positioning in their chosen field. The Circle's aim is to give visibility to these pioneering artists and craftsmen who are exploring new territories, and creating objects in contemporary forms.

The Circle of New Artists creates synergies between artisans of excellence and talented women.
These women act as godmothers: they accompany and support the creators, allowing them to stretch further in their creative process.

The Circle offers exclusive meetings with mentors, creators, as well as studio visits.

We also handle sales. Just recently we asked a CMS (customer relationship management) specialist if we should consider implementing Salesforce to handle the business side of our operations. She felt that was a smart strategy and recommended we could customize Salesforce to our specific needs. Her company has an experienced team of Salesforce systems analysts, architects, and software developers. We liked the fact that if the out-of-the-box Salesforce features did not meet our business needs, her team would develop customized solutions providing us with greater control. The Salesforce cloud platforms and applications technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support is going to do wonders for us and our artists.

The Circle is organizing a major annual exhibition, Memoire Vive,  allowing a wider circle of enthusiasts to discover and acquire unique, one of a kind pieces or a piece of art that has been produced in a small series.


The Bettencourt Schueller Foundation supports Memoire Vive.
The Bettencourt Schueller Foundation encourages those undertaking in science, arts, and action humanitarianism, providing life-saving services that facilitates the return to normalcy for people and communities affected by natural and man-made disasters. Recognized Public LIC, it was created in 1987 by Liliane & Andre Francoise Bettencourt, and their daughter.

The cultural commitment of the Foundation Bettencourt Schueller manifests its priorities by the development of French arts and crafts of excellence by skilled artists, among others. The Liliane Bettencourt Prize: Intelligence of the Hand ,was held in 2000 to reward such artists.

This is an extension of this action the Foundation wished to support the Circle of New Artisans. This association offers an innovative program and original in its view of art crafts turned to contemporary creativity.

The Artists

Carolyn Andrin 
Ceramiste (Ceramics)
I work with the ceramic material because it allows me to understand the form through the manufacturing process. "

Zoe Arnold
Creatice de Bijoux  (Jewelry)

Stevens Dossoou-Yovo
Sculpteur de Metal
"My expertise is evolving by experience repeated and risk taking."

Aurelie Lanoiselee
Brodeuse Creatrice Textile  (Embroiderer )
"I'm still on the border ...on the wire, perhaps.

Maxime Leroy
Plumassier (One who prepares or deals in ornamental plumes or feathers).
"A sponsor is someone for me pointing you in directions where one would not have dared to go ..."

Annabel & Neil Mccarthy
Ebenistes (Carpenters)
"Our expertise is strengthened by the challenges we pose the design of our furniture."

Amelie Riech
"My engine is curiosity and envy - experimenting, especially with noble materials that tell a story."

Marie-Aurore Stiker-Metral
"My ideas often come from exploration a technical or a manufacturing process, par- both as a material and its shaping." in Collaboration with Maxime Leroy

Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert
Souffleur de Verre  (Glass-blower)
 "When the temperature drops, the glass changes from liquid to solid state. I spend my lifetime to master the form between these two states."